About Us

I'm Steve, and I've forever been passionate about sourcing unique, quirky products and then creating brands around them. It's actually incredibly easy nowadays, with a basic knowledge of e-commerce, to start and grow a small business. This is all made possible with just knowledge, a small bit of money and a bit of time, and this is termed boot-strapping a business.

Infact, this is how I started the brand Scratchie and it turns out that I love what we've created. A special type of product has been blessed with some special treatment.

I started out selling on the marketplaces - eBay and Etsy, then figured that I'd spend some time creating an online Shopify store, which gave me heaps more flexibility. I'm hoping at the start of 2021 to also offer Scratchies on Amazon, therefore been able to service the Amazon Prime customer.

It was around this time that my 4 year old daughter, Betty, took an interest in what I was doing, I mean, what child can resist sparkly stickers and adhesive on envelopes!? She loves to help me and is the first person to ask if there are any orders each morning! Thankfully, due to the good people like yourself then we do have a steady stream of orders which we both lovingly attend to each and every day. On the busier mornings we might have 20 orders to get into the post, however, typically we work as a team to push out around 10 order/day. It's such a joy to have a set of customers who are in themselves creative types, answering their queries or simply fulfilling their scratch sticker desires.

Betty has been doing the orders since the beginning of July 2020 and gone from not knowing a thing to submersing herself in the entire process. I'm incredibly proud of her. I'll document her progress below and at times include some photos and videos where possible.


NEW (November 2020)
If you'd like to buy Betty a treat to show your appreciation then click the button below. I'll be sure to include a special thankyou in the next video.

October 2020
This month Betty has been amazing, learning how to:

Content to follow shortly . . .

September 2020
Things have changed quite alot this month and I was afraid it might throw Betty, but instead the changes in the layout of the office space I have and the packaging for the Scratchies have proved to be no challenge at all for her! This month Betty has confidently learnt how to:

- Put the stickers into polybags, add the bookmark label and then seal.
- Stick the stickers on a little straighter!
- Know where some of the popular scratch stickers are hung.
- Write her name on the computer.
- Pass me the scratch stickers to pack in an envelope.

August 2020
We've been away walking the 192 mile Wainright's Coast to Coast most of this month (4th - 21st Aug). However, Betty was hungry for orders upon our return and was well able to remember the entire process. Infact, I changed the storage of stock somewhat to allow her to become more familiar with the styles of Scratchies. This month Betty has confidently learnt how to:

- Identify the different shapes and colours of the Scratchies.
- Figure out what First Class Letter and Large Letter stamps are.

July 2020
This is where is all began. One morning Betty asked if she could help, rather than shrugging her off as busy parents do, I instead stopped and thought for a little bit and figured that she probably could at least stick the stamps on. I wasn't prepared for the journey ahead! This month Betty has confidently learnt how to:

- Ask if there are any orders.
- Peel and stick DL envelopes aswell as the bigger hard back envelopes.
- Stick the red stamps onto the top right side of each envelope (although it's admittedly a little crooked!)
- Know if there is a need for spare envelope.
- Post the envelopes in the post box.
- Dispose of the waste paper in the recycle bin.
- Identify any special orders (these are international orders, but we refer to them as special at the moment because they look different.)
- Pick the correct Scratchie styles using the numbers (1-33) I write on the address labels.
- Remembers to wear and put back her Daddy's Little Helper hi-vis vest each time (ultra cute!)