NFC Tag Instructions

Thanks for purchasing our Scratchie NFC25 tags. These tags can be used in infinitely creative ways, many of which you'll have to dream up yourself. As they're a relatively new technology then you'll be at the forefront when it comes to incorporating them, and whats more, almost all devices now support reading them without any additional apps having to be installed, so you no longer have to worry about the recipient not being able to use them. It's simple, just touch, tap, then view!

You can purchase more Scratchie NFC Tags here

One idea for using the Scratchie NFC tags might be to take the recipient to a particular post on a Facebook page after they touch their device to the tag on the front of a greetings card you've created. You could include one on a postcard which points towards your holiday videos. You could use them as a promotional means to generate more business, the creativity really is endless!

You'll notice that on the front of the packaging that you've received I've placed a demonstration Scratchie NFC Tag which I have encoded with a link to a YouTube Video. Go ahead and touch your device to it, you will be prompted to open this YouTube video. This is just one idea of how to use these little things - they're smart! Just touch, tap, view.

Here are instructions for their use. Please note with the upgrade to iOS 13 or iOS 14, all iPhone 7 and newer can read and write a Scratchie NFC Tag.

You can purchase more Scratchie NFC Tags here

Apple (iOS) Instructions

Writing to your Scratchie NFC Tag is simple, see this 90 second video


Reading your Scratchie NFC Tag is even simpler, watch this 90 second video



Android Instructions

Writing/Reading your Scratchie NFC Tag is just as simple on your Android device, watch this short video to find out how


If you need further help with your Scratchie NFC tags then feel free to drop me an email, I'll try and help best I can:

You can purchase more Scratchie NFC Tags here